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The Five Elements Yoga Retreat

7th - 12th JULY 2019 (Programa y clases en Ingles)

The idea of this delicious yoga retreat is to give you the full spectrum of the Yoga experience. Take 5 days out of your life to fully embody the practices of yoga. Treat yourself to deep self nurture and care and learn how to integrate your experiences on retreat to your daily life at home.

The focus of this year’s retreat will be on the Five Elements (fire, earth, metal, water and wood). Each element is responsible for different organs in the body, relates to a season and needs different food to balance it. Esme will be working closely with Sonia, Masqi owner and holistic health expert, who will bring the five elements philosophy through her use of macrobiotic food and this will form a basis to all aspects of the retreat. Each day will explore and be based on one element, with all food and daily practices supporting this.

Whether you are exhausted from the daily grind, lost in the sea of work, chores and family life or simply want to improve your well being, the retreat will rejuvenate, recalibrate and realign yourself so you feel full of life and love again.

This style also helps build strength as well as flexibility, improving your cardiovascular capacity, strengthening our bodies and widening our minds, making a real change in our lives.

The evening practices will be yin yoga which is a slow-paced style where poses, are held for longer periods of time. The target is connective tissues, such as ligaments, bones and even the joints of the hips, pelvis and lower spine.

Both practices complement each other beautifully.


Breathing is a very powerful tool which can help you focus, relax and energise. We’ll cover a variety of useful techniques during the weekend.


Meditation is the the best way to calm your mind. It can bring many benefits, including relaxation, building life force, increasing concentration, developing compassion and dealing with forgiveness. During the retreat we’ll explore different types of meditations, from mindfulness, to visualisation, to feeling sensations, so you can experience them and choose which one works for you.

Daily Workshops and free time

On the retreat you will also have the opportunity to learn about energy healing, macrobiotic food, partner yoga...

Every afternoon there will be free time, giving you the perfect occasion to have a siesta, to relax by the pool with your favourite book or explore the beautiful surroundings and engage with nature, listening from within your silent mind.

Daily Routine

Arrive anytime from 12pm, starts at 3pm on Sunday the 2nd of July and finishes at 12pm on Friday the 7th, 5 days.


8-9.30: Meditation, Pranayama and Vinyasa yoga
10.00: Breakfast
12-1.30: Various Workshops
14.00: Lunch
15.00: Free time
18- 19.30: Yin Yoga / Myofascial release and Yoga Nidra
20.15: Evening meal

*Small changes might occur.

Travel & Facilities

The nearest airport is Alicante. The retreat includes:

Breakfast, lunch and dinner ( organic, macrobiotic and vegetarian), with one glass of wine/beer or soft drink with each meal. 10 yoga sessions, 4 workshops, accommodation in twin bedrooms, towels and bedding. Use of the facilities.

The retreat does not include:

Accident and travel Insurance.
Body treatments at the Retreat.
Flights and airport taxes.
Transfer to/from the airport to MasQI.
Transport from the airport cost around £25 per person, based on three people traveling.

Only two rooms available. Book now!

Price: 1300 eur
300 eur extra for single occupancy. (only three rooms available)


Esme, your teacher

Esme is originally from Spain but has been leaving in Edinburgh for over 20 years. She has been practicing Yoga for over 12 years and teaching since 2008. She has been running yoga retreats since 2014 in Spain and in Scotland.

Esme is a very embodied practitioner and teaches straight from the heart and from her own experience and exploration on the mat. Listening to her own body’s Inner wisdom has gained her insight to self healing and a greater understanding for the needs of her students as well.

Esme teaches with a great sense of Joy and energy as well as compassion and creativity. Her classes are really fun, explorative and rejuvenating and will leave you with a lasting impression on how you can approach your own personal practice. Esme is delighted to share with you this experience and discover together new approaches to your practice whatever level you are at. She sees yoga as a rich continuous path where there are not targets but enjoying every step of the journey.

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