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Meet Sonia Ferre
Sonia, the creator of MasQi, would like to share with you, from this very special place, the learning that has led her to live more fully, with inner peace. Here you will find a new concept of well-being. A place to recharge your batteries and to connect with nature.
Sonia Ferre
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There is nothing like the experience of knowing whether something works or not... And this is what I offer to the visitors of MasQi: to live an experience around several ancestral disciplines like yoga and meditation, to be nourished with natural based cuisine with fresh seasonal products and balanced according to macrobiotics, and to feel what that does to our body, both inside and out.

Conscious diet, yoga and meditation were all a discovery for me, and from there was born MasQi, as a purpose of life. My intention is to bring this global concept of well-being to those people who have not had contact with these disciplines so that by experiencing them at first hand they can change something that allows them to be a little better...and why not, to be happier ...

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