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Healthy cuisine in our

Here you will enjoy dishes prepared using 100% ECOLOGICAL ingredients, WHOLE-WHEAT cereals and flours and fresh SEASONAL fruit and vegetables, all cooked with TITANIUM to maintain 93% of the nutrients and to avoid heavy metals.

The main ingredient is our AFFECTION, because we want our dishes to nurture you, to energise you and to make you feel good.

The menus are VEGAN and occasionally you'll find WILD FISH.

Vegan options, touches of Asia and other cultures, all freshly made. We adapt to food intolerances and do not use dairy products, sugar or refined flour. We offer ecological breads made with fresh baked dough, smoothies, fresh drinks, bio beers and a top wine list.

Lunch bio gourmet menu: 25€ (4 dishes)
Dinner dio gourmet / themed dinner: 35€ (4 dishes)

Our Star Dishes

Tuna Tataki.
Thai Cous-cous.
Ceviche de corvina.
Falafel with mustard
sauerkraut Quinoa and thyme.
Cream of sweet potato with octopus and fresh beetroot.
Wholegrain rice with mushrooms, dried tomato and spring onion.

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In our Restaurant we offer a balanced diet based on organic products, with meals made from fresh ingredients. We have a wide range of vegetarian options and dishes adapted to food intolerances. However, if you´re unable to visit us but you´re interested in changing your diet, you can find many healthy recipes on our blog.

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