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Take a few minutes to choose the program that best suits you, your wishes and your needs. Do you want to enjoy an amazing experience around yoga and meditation? Would you like to learn to take care of yourself and to live better? Do you need a cure for stress? Would you love to lose weight and to improve your appearance, or to rest and immerse yourself in new disciplines that will change your life? We propose that and much more. We have prepared with great care a range of the best possible options for you. The optimum combination of healthy eating, yoga, meditation, walks, massages, therapies, workshops, concerts ... all in an incredible environment. Come along and find out.


An inspiring vacation in which you can rest like never before and regain energy, health and the shine in your eyes. From 2 to 21 nights.

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Add strength, health and life with our star program where yoga and meditation are the protagonists. From 3 to 21 nights.

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EXPRESS Detox Retreat

For four days you will purify your body feeling better inside and out. Our diet and care will help you in the process.

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Quantum activator weekend

Descubre el fin de semana definitivo para que el bienestar y la prosperidad se conviertan en los timones de tu vida. Viernes 18 al domingo 20 de noviembre 2022. Plazas limitadas.

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Holistic 7-day program that will allow you to improve your health, feel good about yourself, learn a healthy lifestyle and establish strategies to improve your life.

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Teleworking at MasQi

We propose that you combine teleworking with a few days of rest in the natural environment of the Sierra de Mariola, at MasQi. We will take care of everything.

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Executive anti-stress program

3 and 7 day program focused on relieving stress with the main objective of learning tools that help in managing day-to-day stress management.

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Enjoy a full day at MasQi without having to stay overnight and live the experience of feeling much better with our classes, massages and BIO gourmet cuisine.

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Deep Clen Detox retreat from 4 to 21 night (you choose the duration) help you to feel renewed, both inside and out. We'll follow a detox diet that will cleanse the body.

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If you really need a change, this program will help you to achieve it by learning a healthier lifestyle and taking the tools that will enable you to become much better.

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Yoga Day

We present this intensive Yoga day at MasQi, with different classes, workshops and a brunch included.

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