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Take a break in our 19th century farmhouse in the heart of the Sierra de Mariola Natural Park. Now beautifully restored and converted into a boutique hotel, it´s a space within which you´ll find a novel concept of well-being. A place to recharge batteries and connect with nature. We offer an array of weekend packages and activities, suited to those visiting alone or with company. Likewise, our multi-day programs are designed to improve your health and to provide the tools required to improve lifestyle, and to live a little better in this ever demanding world in which we live.

Sonia, the creator of MasQi, wishes to share in this space the learning that has led her to live more fully, with inner peace. You will learn from her first-hand the disciplines that have helped her to overcome stress and eliminate health problems. An opportunity to connect with a healthier lifestyle that will help you become the person that you want to be. Come along to MasQi and let yourself be well cared for.

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There is nothing like the experience of knowing whether something works or not... And this is what I offer to the visitors of MasQi: to live an experience around several ancestral disciplines like yoga and meditation, to be nourished with natural based cuisine with fresh seasonal products and balanced according to macrobiotics, and to feel what that does to our body, both inside and out.

Conscious diet, yoga and meditation were all a discovery for me, and from there was born MasQi, as a purpose of life. My intention is to bring this global concept of well-being to those people who have not had contact with these disciplines so that by experiencing them at first hand they can change something that allows them to be a little better...and why not, to be happier ...

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Yoga is the great discipline on which wellbeing revolves. Whether the guest is experienced or not, MasQi proposes that we perform a daily practice in order to find balance and tranquility from the beginning.

Meditation also plays an important role, as it helps to keep stress levels under control.

Both yoga and meditation sessions take place in our dome, a space surrounded by forest, where sunlight and the sound of birdsong flood in through the windows.

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