Publicado el 27 Jun, 2018

Summer Yoga retreats & activities

After a long wait, we can finally welcome the arrival of summer, and what better way to do it than by practicing yoga?  Below, you can see details of all the plans, activities and yoga retreats we have prepared for the coming months.

Yoga Activities

As many of you already know, MasQi has an ideal environment for practicing Yoga – our Dome, a room surrounded by forest, where you can listen to bird song and enjoy the sunlight as it filters through the walls and roof.

The Yoga activities that we have prepared for June, July and August are:

Tantra Yoga

In Tantra Yoga, the body is deeply valued and considered a physical manifestation of the spiritual plane, therefore a vehicle for the liberation of the spirit and the elimination of suffering.

The goal of Tantra Yoga is to recharge our energy.

Yoga for everyone

This 90-minute yoga session stretches the muscles, working especially the back, arms and legs. We can make significant postural improvements and tone our muscles, eliminating blockages, learning to relax more deeply and to improve our quality of sleep.

Ashtanga Yoga

We will use the traditional system of complete vinyasa flow, to feel the purifying effect of this ancestral practice. Using respiration as a basis, the practice becomes a meditation in movement.

Ashtanga Yoga for beginners

Ashtanga yoga is a physically demanding discipline. For those who want to start practicing this form of Yoga, we will begin by working through parts of the first series: the standing series and the beginning of the sitting series. In this class, inverted postures are not practiced.

Dynamic yoga inspired by the Bowspring style

We will use the traditional system of complete vinyasa flow, to feel the purifying effect of this ancestral practice. Using respiration as a basis, the practice becomes a meditation in movement.

Bowspring is full of physical benefits and also facilitates excellent mental and emotional health. Since the Bowspring’s posture positively affects the nervous system and the circulatory system, the student can expect to see an improvement in the capacity for mental concentration, emotional clarity and a reduction in the stress levels.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga integrates physical postures (asanas), breathing exercises (pranayamas), key energetic points of the body (bhandas), positions of the hands (mudras) and a work or inner consciousness that is reached through Relaxation and Meditation ( mental stillness).

For dates, prices or to find further information, you can access our Events Diary (see Yoga activities).  We also remind you that it´s not necessary to be a guest at our hotel to be able to attend classes.

Yoga Retreats

We´d also like to meet you and invite you to participate in our Yoga retreats, which are designed for those who seek a deeper experience by combining a few days of classes with healthy cuisine and plenty of rest to recharge the batteries.

Yoga Wellness Retreat

A program of 3 – 21 days (you choose the duration) to recharge batteries thanks to the PRACTICE OF YOGA and MEDITATION, surrounded by nature and the power of energy THERAPIES and MASSAGES. Take advantage of this getaway to let you take better care of yourself, reconnect with yourself, take a rest from the routine and feel good inside and out. As you develop your yoga practice during these days, you´ll also surprise yourself with the purifying powers of our macrobiotic diet that will help you improve your health and rejuvenate your appearance.  Also, thanks to energy therapies and massages, you will be able to heal the weak points of your health and being, physically, mentally and emotionally.

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Live & Breathe, Yoga retreat in English

8th – 13th July (Program and classes in English)

The basis of this fabulous yoga retreat is to give you the full spectrum of the Yoga experience. Take 5 days out of your life to fully embody the practices of yoga. Treat yourself to deep self-nurture and learn how to integrate your experiences at the retreat into your daily life at home. Whether you are exhausted from the daily grind, lost in the sea of work, chores and family life or simply want to improve your wellbeing, the retreat will rejuvenate, recalibrate and realign you so you feel full of life and love again.

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For all yoga retreats please check room availability.