Publicado el 26 Mar, 2020

MasQi retreat at home

This is a special Newsletter, our message of calm and peace for all MasQi’s friends.  Now we have to spend our time at home, and we know it’s not easy.  That’s why it’s time to take care of ourselves, to keep calm, balanced and maintain a high morale.  It’s vital to keep well, both physically and emotionally, and so therefore, why not start a self-practice?

A lack of time is the excuse we always give when we think of starting a new habit or custom.  But now, as we find ourselves with more time, we have an opportunity, and maybe even to start something new together as a family.  We want to share a series of simple tools to take the first steps, a little of everything we offer at MasQi.

Proposal 1: Strengthen your immune system.

Our purpose has always been to share knowledge.  Today more than ever we want to send to you our recommendations to improve your immune system.

Click here to download our tips.

Proposal 2: Daily Ashtanga Yoga practice.

We recommend that you begin a daily ashtanga yoga routine and to learn this step by step. It´s a practice that has many benefits: it helps to purify the body (it will make you sweat!), to reinforce it, as well as improving elasticity and concentration.

The idea is to learn the series of postures by memory, so you can practice alone, developing a moving meditation.

For this first installment we propose start with some sun saludations: 5 series of Surya Namaskar A and 5 more from Surya Namaskar B. Ideally, you will learn them by memory and you can practice whilst simply listening to the video.

Proposal 3: Guided meditation and pranayama.

Meditation connects us to our true essence and opens the heart.  It helps us to become aware of reality and the present moment and allows us to be more positive and compassionate.

We send to you a guided meditation so you can start this wonderful practice as well as some pranayama exercises (yoga breathing exercises).

Give yourself a moment of peace!
Click here to listen to the meditation.

Proposal 4: Healthy and energetic cooking.

The macrobiotic culinary philosophy aims to harmonise the extreme opposites of Yin and Yang in the food spectrum to achieve perfect nutritional harmony both inside and out. We´d like to share with you some of our top recipes. In this installment you will find recipes such as miso soup, ideas for healthy breakfasts, our brownie recipe and more! Cooking relaxes and feeds the body and spirit.
Get your apron!

Click here to download the recipes

Proposal 5: Talk / workshop : Flowing with Change.

Live chat – Saturday 28 March at 15:00h (UK) / 16:00 (rest of europe)

We also encourage you to participate in this talk / workshop “Flowing with Change” that Guiomar Ramirez Montesinos offers next Saturday.  she´ll explain simple concepts, tools and practices to help you to connect with your being.

Life doesn’t work as we thought. Our mind creates our reality continuously. Understanding the dynamics of change helps us to flow with life.

Click on this link and join the live chat. (Download Zoom App if you don’t have it in your phone or computer)

Meeting ID: 395 417 961
Password: 017036

Expand your knowledge!

Proposal 6: Enjoy the music.

And also, here are our favorite Spotify lists:
1. To meditate and rest… (Listen)
2. To dance and to raise your energy and spirits… ((Listen)

Enjoy the music!


Music is the best therapy. It nourishes the soul and brings us comfort. This Sunday we are fortunate to be able to present Alfredo Ferre, one of the best cellists on the current music scene. A recipient of several international awards, he’s toured the most prestigious venues in the world with his performances originating from Madrid, passing through Saint Petersburg, Zagreb and the Dominican Republic. He will delight us with an extract of his concert «Atalaya».


Suite No. 1 NWV 1007 in Sol M

  • Prelude

Suite No. 3 NWV 1009 in Do M

  • Prelude
  • Allemande
  • Courante

Here you can find out more about him.

Join the Zoom Meeting

Sunday 29, 18:00 (UK), 19:00 (rest of Europe)
Click on this link and join the live concert
Meeting ID: 132 172 949


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We are far away, but closer than ever, thinking of you and hoping that you stay well.

Take care of yourself and let us take care of you!

Sonia Ferre
Founder and owner of MasQi

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