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Publicado el 11 May, 2020


We´re now in full de-escalation in a month full of hope, light, flowers and life.  And what´s more, we bring you good news – we already have an opening date at MasQi.  On June 26th we´ll be open and ready to welcome you, so you can come and take care of yourself and renew your energy.  In the meantime, here you have some new material.  It´s time to awaken the desire to be well.  The rest is up to you!


Don’t miss this video on Pranayama Bhramari. Here are some of its benefits – it reduces stress and cerebral tension, helps to reduce anger, anxiety and insomnia, increases the body’s self-healing capacity, reinforces and improves the voice, induces a meditative state generating harmony in the mind, bringing consciousness to one´s interior.  The sound has a calming effect on the mind and nervous system. Try it for yourself.


I want to share with you a video of one of the retreats that Xplore organises from Miami during the lock down. You can experience a 60-minute Vinyasa Yoga class with Leslie Glickman of Yoga Journey followed by another 60-minute class with me on how to boost your immune system through nutrition. I hope you enjoy it!

Visit their webpage for more virtual retreats:


Since we are still at home, we have to cook to eat well and healthily, to fill our bodies with energy and good health. Here are 3 finger-licking recipes – Cream of Millet and Quinoa (great for breakfast), Tofu Lasagna and Cereal Coffee Flan.


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We are far away, but closer than ever, thinking of you and hoping that you stay well.

Take care of yourself and let us take care of you!

Sonia Ferre
Founder and owner of MasQi

We’re working on preparing more material for you

Publicado el 24 Abr, 2020

MasQi retreat at home #3

One week more, one week less. And as we’ve said before, here we share with you the best resources to fill you with energy, peace and strength.


We continue making progress, and here you have the whole standing series. We´ll practice 5 series of Suryanamaskar A, 5  Suryanamaskar B (sun salutations) and the entire standing series, from padangusthasana to virabhadrasana B. Try to practice 6 days a week and ideally, try to learn the movements by memory.  Respiration is very important, so try to practice ujjayi breathing.  (We explain how this works in our MasQi retreat at home # 2).


We continue with an Ashtanga Yoga class.  This is one of the yoga styles that provide the most energy and purification. Sonia Ferre will guide you through this private live practice that will take place every Thursday. In this class we will practice 5 Suryanamaskar A, 3.  Suryanamaskar B (sun salutations) and the whole standing series.  From the ground we will make up Marichyasana C and we will end with the abbreviated final series. Respiration is very important in this practice. If you´re able to, try to practice Ujjayi breathing.  This helps us to focus more on the practice and also helps generate heat.  Keep in mind that one of the objectives of this practice is to generate heat to cleanse the body through sweating.

When: Every Thursday at 8:00am (European Time), 7:00am (BST). 90 minute class.

Class price: € 5 per connection (*).

Payment can be made by credit card. For one or several classes. After registration we will require your name, surname, credit or debit card number, expiry date and the number of classes you wish to pay for. Once the payment has been made, we will send to you the links for the purchased classes.


If the schedule does not suit you, please don´t worry as we´ll send all enrollees a video, so that you can practice at a time to suit you within the following 7 days.

(*) From now on we will charge for some classes in order to cover some of the costs of generating such content whilst we remain closed whilst at the same time being able to reach everyone. Thank you for your understanding.


The gong is a sacred and unique tool that helps us to achieve elevated states of meditation and awareness. Gong baths relieve stress, unlock negative emotions, decrease physical pain, help you to sleep, and fill you with energy, among other benefits. Esther Saranjeet, our Gong expert at MasQi gives us a mini gong bath from Alicante.

(  We recommend that you wear headphones to receive a more complete sound experience.  Lie down, cover yourself, and place a small, folded towel over your eyes.  Let´s fly!


These days we need calm and tranquility more than ever.  That’s why we have scheduled this Nidra Yoga class that will comprise a guided relaxation that will help us soften all the accumulated tensions from these days and to connect with our inner peace. You will be calmer.  The psychosomatic imbalances will be restored thanks to the release of energy.  This will generate good sensations throughout your body; will help develop emotional control and will bring happiness.

Make yourself comfortable, lie down, cover yourself and put something over your eyes to be more relaxed (a small towel will do). Turn off your mobile and enjoy.



Today we share with you a Spotify list of the best mantras. We hope you like them!

Mantras have an immediate effect on your mood, check it out while you cook, work in the house or sit in meditation.  Chant these mantras that we send to you and you´ll see what happens!

Go to the list of mantras on Spotify


Ceviche de Azukis

Ceviche de Azukis

There are foods that should be present in our weekly diet. Artichokes, for example, are seasonal, purifying and highly digestive.  Azukis (a type of bean) are rich in vitamin B, iron and magnesium, and the avocado is a source of potassium and folic acid.  Here we give you 3 recipes with these super ingredients. It´s time to cook!

Click here for download



Doctor Christian Roche (Vienne-France), a collaborator at MasQi, shares with us his 360º vision of the pandemic that we´re experiencing.  He wants to share with us his program “Maximum Vitality ”with which to harmonise our immune balance, cellular energy, the pulmonary and intestinal axis and emotional balance. This program consists of four elements, all appropriate for our current situation. Christian Roche is a Doctor of Medicine from the University of Lyon, holds a Diploma in Homeopathy and Auriculomedicine, and is the creator of the OEM, the first complete method of personalised global health. In addition, he carries out research work for the University of Geneva on integrative medical treatments, in the field of chronic pain, chronic stress and immune pathologies.


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We are far away, but closer than ever, thinking of you and hoping that you stay well.

Take care of yourself and let us take care of you!

Sonia Ferre
Founder and owner of MasQi

We’re working on preparing more material for you

Publicado el 26 Mar, 2020

MasQi retreat at home

This is a special Newsletter, our message of calm and peace for all MasQi’s friends.  Now we have to spend our time at home, and we know it’s not easy.  That’s why it’s time to take care of ourselves, to keep calm, balanced and maintain a high morale.  It’s vital to keep well, both physically and emotionally, and so therefore, why not start a self-practice?

A lack of time is the excuse we always give when we think of starting a new habit or custom.  But now, as we find ourselves with more time, we have an opportunity, and maybe even to start something new together as a family.  We want to share a series of simple tools to take the first steps, a little of everything we offer at MasQi.

Proposal 1: Strengthen your immune system.

Our purpose has always been to share knowledge.  Today more than ever we want to send to you our recommendations to improve your immune system.

Click here to download our tips.

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