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Publicado el 26 Mar, 2020

MasQi retreat at home

This is a special Newsletter, our message of calm and peace for all MasQi’s friends.  Now we have to spend our time at home, and we know it’s not easy.  That’s why it’s time to take care of ourselves, to keep calm, balanced and maintain a high morale.  It’s vital to keep well, both physically and emotionally, and so therefore, why not start a self-practice?

A lack of time is the excuse we always give when we think of starting a new habit or custom.  But now, as we find ourselves with more time, we have an opportunity, and maybe even to start something new together as a family.  We want to share a series of simple tools to take the first steps, a little of everything we offer at MasQi.

Proposal 1: Strengthen your immune system.

Our purpose has always been to share knowledge.  Today more than ever we want to send to you our recommendations to improve your immune system.

Click here to download our tips.

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Publicado el 27 Jun, 2018

Summer Yoga retreats & activities

After a long wait, we can finally welcome the arrival of summer, and what better way to do it than by practicing yoga?  Below, you can see details of all the plans, activities and yoga retreats we have prepared for the coming months.

Yoga Activities

As many of you already know, MasQi has an ideal environment for practicing Yoga – our Dome, a room surrounded by forest, where you can listen to bird song and enjoy the sunlight as it filters through the walls and roof.

The Yoga activities that we have prepared for June, July and August are:

Tantra Yoga

In Tantra Yoga, the body is deeply valued and considered a physical manifestation of the spiritual plane, therefore a vehicle for the liberation of the spirit and the elimination of suffering.

The goal of Tantra Yoga is to recharge our energy.

Yoga for everyone

This 90-minute yoga session stretches the muscles, working especially the back, arms and legs. We can make significant postural improvements and tone our muscles, eliminating blockages, learning to relax more deeply and to improve our quality of sleep.

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Publicado el 8 Sep, 2017

Interview to Pamela Young

Hello everybody! Today we interviewed Pamela Young, who will teach yoga at the “Beyon asana: A moving meditation” retreat that will be held on September 24, 2017 in MasQi.

About Pamela Young

Pamela’s technical training is Hatha Yoga in Ashtanga Style, and more recently, Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga with world renowned teacher, John Scott.  She considers herself fortunate to have studied with some great yoga masters including Donna Farhi, Ana Forrest, Michael Gannon, Matthew Sweeney, Sri Ramaswami, Venkatesh, Kino MacGregor, Basia Lipska, Hamish Hendry, David Keil, Richard Freeman, Manju Jois, Sharath Rangaswamy, Lucy Crawford, Greg Nardi and John Scott.

As well as having an Honours Degree in Philosophy from the University of Glasgow,  Pamela has over 20 years experience as a teacher and educator within the health and fitness industry.  She is a REPs recognised Assessor (CYQ A1 Assessor within the Active Leisure Industry), Level 3 Yoga Teacher, and Les Mills ELITE BodyBALANCE Instructor. Her other certificates include an SYTA Teacher Training Certificate – Foundation, Hatha Yoga Ashtanga Vinyasa Style, Fitness Pilates, RSA Certificate in Teaching Exercise to Music, YMCA Exercise to Music, YMCA Aqua Exercise to Music, YMCA Step Exercise to Music,  BodyCOMBAT,  BodyPUMP,  BodyATTACK,  BodyJAM, BodySTEP,  BodyBALANCE, CXWORX, BodyMAX, Cycle Instructors Track (QFF), Advanced Instruction Module (Fitpro), Les Mills AIM 1, CXWORX, TwentyFour Tabata, Zumba, Fitkid Health Related Fitness for Children and YogaBugs.

Pamela Young Spain Retreat

Interview to Pamela Young

Why and when did you start practicing yoga?

I started practicing yoga around 2005.  After a health crisis, yoga helped me re-establish my health and well-being.

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Publicado el 19 Jul, 2017

Interview to Kat Shaw

Hello everybody! Today we interviewed Kat Shaw, who will teach yoga at the «Beyon asana: A moving meditation» retreat that will be held on September 24, 2017 in MasQi.

About ​Kat Shaw

Kat Shaw has been practicing yoga for over 25 years and starts most days at home on her mat going through the Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga sequence. In her classes and workshops, she weaves in knowledge learned from her dedicated self practice, as well as information picked up from intensives and workshops with great teachers such as John Scott, David Swenson, Matthew Sweeney, David Williams, Chuck Miller, Maty Ezraty, Danny Paradise, Dena Kingsberg, Sarah Hatcher, Kino Macgregor, David Keil, Shiva Rae and Leslie Kaminoff. Her current teachers being Sarah Hatcher and Dena Kingsberg.

Yoga lies deep in Kats heart. She is sensitive to the energy around, and an expert at holding a safe and supportive space where everyone can explore yoga with a sense of fun and adventure. Kat believes that our lives should be fun, and our yoga practice should reflect that. An experienced yogi and IIN Health Coach, she is positive, grounded, generous, intelligent and funny. When not on the mat, Kat is swimming in the sea, walking in the forest out playing in nature.

Kat Shaw Retreat in Spain

Interview to Kat Shaw

Why and when did you start practicing yoga?

Kat Shaw: I was first introduced to Hatha yoga through my mother at age 8. I had breathing difficulties which Doctors coudn’t diagnose but natural movement did. Yoga and swimming helped which I was grateful for. I practiced till about 13years old then not until about 22years did I make it to a regular yoga class. At 8, I liked practicing yoga because it helped me breathe and I loved the meditation side of the postures, the stillness. Now, I love practicing yoga daily because of the benefits I feel from it like a sense of calm, greater sense of humour, a connection to Self, a greater awareness, a control over my thoughts and boosts my confidence all while keeping me grounded.

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Publicado el 6 Feb, 2017


Ceviche de Azukis

Ceviche de Azukis

We now present a very original Ceviche made with legumes.  In this case we have used adzukis, in a Peruvian style recipe.


Ingredients for 4 people:

-200gr adzuki beans

-1 large avocado

-2 lemons

-2 limes

-1 red onion

-2 tablespoons chopped fresh coriander



-2 tablespoons Extra Virgin Olive Oil



The first step is to cook the adzuki beans.  Once they are cooked but still firm, strain and reserve their water.  This broth can be drunk as a tea and has many properties such as facilitating digestive processes, regulating blood sugar or protecting the heart and nervous system.

Once drained, rinse in cold water and drain well again.  Put in a large bowl.  Next, add the juice of the lemons and limes to the adzuki beans.  Then add the chopped fresh coriander, dice the red onion and avocados and add that too.  Add salt and pepper to taste, then a little extra virgin olive oil.  Mix slowly to avoid breaking the beans.

Finally let it stand for 2 hours in the fridge prior to serving.